Plant-Based Gift Range


Due to the rising popularity of our ‘Bee Friendly’ gift box, we have been working extremely hard to expand our collection of plant-based confections.

We have introduced our ‘Bee Friendly Oatm!lk Chocolate Treat Bag 100g’ & our ‘200g Bee Friendly Gift Box’ – Decadent ganache truffle centres, blended with fresh fruit purees, infused with natural flavours, mixed with 61% single origin, sustainably sourced dark chocolate.

Bee Friendly Treat Bag 100g – A collection of our favourite plant-based chocolate flavours enrobed in creamy Oatm!lk Chocolate. The ganache truffle centres are created using single origin 61% dark chocolate, blended with fruit purees & natural flavours to create sensational flavour combinations. 

What’s Inside –

  • OatM!lk Chocolate Gingerbread Truffle – Dark chocolate ganache truffle centres, blended with stem ginger, enrobed in creamy OatM!lk Chocolate, hand finished with caramelised hazelnut nibs.
  • OatM!lk Orange Truffle – Creamy ganache truffle centres, blended with fresh orange puree, infused with natural orange flavouring & enrobed in decadent OatM!lk chocolate.
  • OatM!lk Hazelnut Praline – Deliciously nutty praline, blended with 61% dark chocolate, mixed with caramelised hazelnut nibs & enrobed in creamy OatM!lk chocolate.
  • OatM!lk Chocolate Marc de Champagne Truffle – Decadent dark chocolate ganache truffle, blended with Marc de Champagne creating a creamy truffle for a feisty kick! Enrobed in delicious OatM!lk chocolate.

Bee Friendly Gift Box 200g – A collection of decadent dark & OatM!lk truffles, creams, pralines and marzipans, blended with pralines, fruit purees and natural flavours. To create a collection of divine plant-based chocolates. 

What’s inside: Includes the above selection of OatM!lk chocolates plus…

  • Dark Chocolate Strawberry Cream – Delicious fluffy centres, blended with strawberry puree & natural strawberry flavour, enrobed in decadent dark chocolate, sprinkled with freeze dried strawberries.
  • Dark Chocolate Marzipan & Pistachio Truffle – Moreish marzipan, blended with pistachio puree enrobed in delicious dark chocolate, finished with a Matcha green tea splatter.
  • Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream – Creamy centres, blended with fresh raspberry puree, infused with natural raspberry flavour, enrobed in a thick dark chocolate, sprinkled with freeze dried raspberries.
  • Dark Chocolate Espresso Martini Truffle – Creamy ganache truffle centres, blended with aromatic coffee & a dash of vodka, enrobed in decadent dark chocolate, topped with a real coffee bean

Both products are hand packed into fully recyclable packaging & 10p from each box/bag purchased, is donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

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