Handmade English chocolates since 1988…


In the beginning… It’s been almost 30 years since my Mum; Barbara started making

chocolates from a small unit here in our hometown of Bakewell. Driven by a passion for

chocolate and a firm belief that a market existed for premium hand made chocolates,

she began to blend the best possible ingredients from around the world to realise her dream.

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Handmade… Handmade to her unique recipes and exacting standards, the result

was a range of exquisite chocolates and beautiful packaging that quickly acquired an

enviable reputation as one of ‘the’ chocolate experiences, Holdsworth chocolates was born.

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Today… even though our making processes have changed very little and although Mum

retired more than 10 years ago, her spirit and passion for creating beautiful handcrafted

chocolates using the best quality ingredients still runs through the heart of everything we do.
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The Finest Ingredients…

From the raw couverture callets to the perfectly tempered chocolate…

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Blended with the most sublime truffle ganache, praline or cream filling.

Enrobed in the finest quality premium couverture and hand finished…

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Quality and Ethics…

We take great care to source only the best quality ingredients for our chocolates, sourced locally

and from around the world, as quality has to come first in all aspects of what we offer to our customers

and it’s why we believe our truffles, creams and pralines have such amazing flavour profiles.

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At the same time we believe that it is vital to support a sustainable global chocolate

industry, by acting with a social conscience around our commercial decisions wherever possible,

especially with global demand for chocolate continuing to grow year on year.

There are many benefits to investing in these specialist high grade couvertures,

not least of which are the social ones. Most importantly it means the farmers can charge a

premium for it, which in turn provides them a better living and helps contribute to a more sustainable



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Discovering our exquisite handmade chocolates is a unique

and authentic experience…

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