Here at Holdsworth Chocolates, we truly care about our planet. We are always working on making changes to reduce our environmental impact, whether this is sustainable packaging, waste reduction, or energy usage, we will continue to improve our practices and look for better alternatives to have a more positive affect on our fragile planet.



We are known for our stunning keepsake boxes and continue to work hard to create a more sustainable way to present our handmade chocolates. Robinson Packaging have been our long-term paper board partner for over 10 years and with their manufacturing plant being strategically located less than 12 miles from our factory in Bakewell, this drastically reduces transportation times and associated carbon emissions.

Much of our packaging has been carefully crafted using 100% post-consumer recycled material and is fully recyclable. The clear viewing windows found on some of our boxes are now produced using recycled UK water bottles adding to the sustainable appeal.

In order to raise awareness our environmental credentials, we are currently in the process of amending all our packaging to state the correct recyclability statements clearly on each box, so that all customers are aware of the correct & most environmentally friendly way to dispose of our packaging.



We believe that no chocolate should go to waste! Any of our chocolates that are misshaped or finished incorrectly are either packed up and sold in our factory shop at a discounted price or are melted back down to be included in future mixes thus reducing a huge amount of potential food waste from Holdsworth Chocolates.



Currently palm oil is only used in 2 varieties of our entire recipe selection. Although we have always committed to using RSPO certified palm oil, which is sustainably sourced, we are working towards eliminating palm oil entirely from range by 2024.



Cacao trees can only grow delicious Cacao pods in tropical climates, meaning, unfortunately we cannot grow our chocolate here in the United Kingdom. We do however use Luker single origin cocoa in all our chocolate centres, which is imported via sea freight, which in turn has the lowest carbon footprint of any form of transport.

We send all our chocolates out through carriers, containers or HGV’s which are always booked with other suppliers’ products, which means all loads are sent out with haulage companies at maximum capacity, reducing unnecessary emissions.



We have eliminated Gas as an energy source here at Holdsworth Chocolates and now only use electricity in our factory which is generated from 100% renewable sources. We also use a range of energy-efficiency measures to reduce our energy consumption at our manufacturing site including the installation LED lighting in our factory. We’ve also made a positive step towards reducing all non-essential business travel and have embraced the culture of online virtual meetings with both customers and suppliers.


FAMILY VALUES – introducing Luker Chocolate – our sustainable Cocoa grower

For more than 100 years, the Luker family have developed an in-depth knowledge of Colombian Fine Flavor Cocoas and how to express their uniqueness through a portfolio of fine chocolates crafted at origin. Whether it is by generating employment in rural communities through their farms, or working hand in hand with small farmer associations to help them be more productive and sustainable, they are fully invested in the prosperity of the communities they work with, bringing their clients and allies together, in an effort to create shared value at origin.

Here at Holdsworth Chocolates, as a British chocolate maker and second-generation family run business, we believe our core values run hand in hand with the Luker philosophy, thus creating a shared understanding and great synergy between our two families. By working closely with the Luker, together we are able to vastly improve the environmental balance in cocoa communities and by actively farming in a sustainable way, continue to create hundreds of jobs for local people.

As an industry facing difficult sustainability challenges, their farms positively impact rural communities, offering economic, social, and environmental development through productive reforestation and sustainable farming practices. Importantly they pay on average 30 – 40% more for this cocoa, than farmers receive in the West African cocoa region.

Luker fundamentally believe that, for the whole cocoa value chain to thrive, it is essential that cocoa-growing families and their communities are able to prosper. They are convinced that, if they can positively impact productivity, education, and other variables directly related to farmer income and prosperity, whilst supporting environmentally conscious agricultural practices, both they and we are investing in the future of real sustainable cocoa growing in Columbia, allowing us to continue producing great British chocolates for years to come.

Luker is also carbon neutral across all owned operations.

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