luker chocolate

With over 110 years experience, Luker Chocolate specializes in helping brands to create purpose-driven products, from a wide range of fine chocolate ingredients, made with the highest quality cocoa, following the best practice in sustainability standards. As a high-quality chocolate manufacturer, the products are made exclusively from directly sourced Cacao Fino de Aroma and are characterized from their superior taste. To drive well-being across the cocoa value chain, Luker Chocolate partners with brands and companies who are committed to quality & sustainability, developing exceptional tasting and purpose-driven chocolate products.


Building on this foundation, Luker Chocolate extends its impact through its sustainability plan, The Chocolate Dream, which seeks to transform the cocoa value chain from its origin creating sustainable well-being in the cocoa regions. The Chocolate Dream, positively impacted more than 3,900 families in 2023 and has three main objectives: Enhance the families income, Strengthen the social well-being in rural communities, Encourage environmentally positive practices.

Furthermore, in 2023 Luker Chocolate became a Certified B corporation and is not a global network of companies that adhere to high environmental, social, and transparency practices. As part of the B Corp movement, Luke is committed to measure its actions and continue improving to be, not the best of the world, but the best for the world!